Dramis Network Cabling Ltd.: “A Wire Runs through It”

Dramis Network Cabling Ltd. (Dramis) is a structured cabling and wiring contractor with five locations throughout Atlantic Canada, including Moncton, New Brunswick; Fredericton, New Brunswick; Halifax, Nova Scotia; Dartmouth, Nova Scotia; and St. John’s, Newfoundland. Dramis wires buildings for voice and data communications and provides access security and cabling. For the past 21 years, the company has focused its telecommunications work on commercial buildings and also counts several hospitals, industrial sites and government buildings on its list of clients.
Dramis has expanded to employ approximately 65 employees. According to Murray Simard, president of Dramis, the company stays ahead of the competition due to its “good staff of people who have been here many, many years and who are very qualified and knowledgeable.” Further, Simard explains, “We tend to be a one-stop shop or turnkey solution, where a lot of our vendors can do perhaps one thing. But this has taken us 21 years to do. It’s not something that anyone does overnight.”
Dramis’ development over the years has equipped it to handle challenges to the business. Simard notes that the struggling economy had its effects on Dramis, as it has on most companies in the industry. However, he explains, “We turned the page, and this year, I’m happy to say that we’re blessed with lots of growth and lots of activities in every one of our branches and areas of our business. We’re now back to hiring and growing the business again.”
A Key Component to Success
Like so many successful businesses, Dramis depends on its positive relationships with a steady roster of suppliers for its telecommunications hardware and software. Simard notes, “It’s vital to us to have more than one supplier, and to have good, long-term relationships with several suppliers. You develop a real sense of partnership, especially in tough times. Now, there are different challenges as things get busier and the economy warms up, due to supply and demand. We have a handful of key suppliers we rarely stray from. In a supplier, we look at factors like responsiveness, stocking, pricing, and a good track record for deliverables.”
Partnerships with reliable suppliers have allowed the company to tackle a wide variety of telecommunications and cabling jobs. Among Dramis’ recent projects was a large project setting up call centres for the Admiral Group. Dramis supplied telephone equipment and cabling services to assist that company in its growth. Additionally, Dramis has recently completed a major project for a new casino in Moncton in which the company completely wired the casino for voice, data, security and other ancillary systems.
Other noteworthy projects with which Dramis has been involved over the years include its work providing wiring for voice and data for a few large hospitals in Atlantic Canada. Additionally, Dramis has provided telecommunications wiring for oil industry offices, shipping facilities, mills, municipal buildings, and several Tim Hortons doughnuts shops throughout the area. Many of the company’s projects have been quite expansive. Simard notes, “We’ve run fiber to 26 separate buildings within a university campus, connecting all of the buildings together. We’ve done that for a few large universities in Atlantic Canada.” This is possible thanks to the company's in-house CAD facilities for plotting installations, as well as a testing, installation and fiber splicing staff that is well-versed in being both thorough and highly efficient in both hardware and software implementation.
Keeping up with Technology
Simard has some visionary plans for growth of the company in the coming years. He explains, “We will augment what we’re doing and further our technology in voiceover IP and wireless areas. In telecommunications, with voiceover IP, we’ve done many successful deployments of telephone systems with remote locations that are virtually around the world.” As always, Dramis will stay abreast of the latest technology in order to continue serving its clients well. Simard observes, “Wi-Fi and convergence are the big things we’re focusing on.”
Simard predicts major technological advances in the world of telecommunications, within and beyond the structured wiring, telephony, switchers and routers and wireless that the company can already integrate expertly. He says, “The biggest thing is unified communications and collaboration, where we can have basically an ‘IP everything’ environment. We’re seeing commercial buildings becoming more intelligent as far as heating, venting and lighting. And security cameras are becoming IP cameras. We’re moving toward not putting in voice outlets or data outlets or security outlets anymore; we’re putting in communications outlets that are universal for any appliance.”
Simard sees a central role for Dramis in Atlantic Canada as cabling continues to develop, observing that “everything is becoming connected. This helps us foster and grow a building, whether with intelligent lighting or appliances. As much as the world is going wireless, a wire runs through it, so to speak, so there is still a lot of growth in that area.”
Due to its customer-centered, results-oriented approach to delivering high-quality telecommunications and cabling products and services, Dramis has secured for itself a pivotal role within the industry throughout Atlantic Canada over the past 21 years. The company’s commitment to empowering technicians through the cutting edge of new technologies should ensure Dramis Network Cabling Ltd. continued success.