Davco Welding Ltd.: Fostering Healthy Environments Inside the Office and Out

On the website for Davco Welding Ltd. there’s a picture of 80 employees sitting and standing on or beside one of the company’s cranes on a sunny day. In uniforms of navy blue sweatshirts and blue jeans, these tradesmen specializing in oilfield construction are clearly more than a collection of workers. They are a family, and it is one that believes maintaining an upbeat atmosphere and cultivating an enjoyable workplace leads to better quality.
Based out of both Lloydminster and Wainwright, Alberta, the company’s footprint extends from east-central Alberta to western Saskatchewan. David Faas, president and CEO of the company, calls his company a “one-stop shop” for oilfield facility construction. Faas established the company based on five tenets: quality is the No. 1 priority, safety is paramount, the employees are his prime resource, Davco is a caring and integral part of the community, and there must always be a focus on protecting the environment.
Start-to-finish Oil Field Construction
Davco offers clients up to nine different types of services, using some of the most sophisticated technology in the industry. The work that Davco does includes construction on site and in its fabrication shop, skid packaging, welding, pipefitting, heavy lifting, painting in their on-site, state-of-the-art paint facility, hydraulic torquing and supply of iron and steel products. As an oilfield construction contractor, Davco can handle anything from large-scale facility construction to replacing a small spool. The company specializes in facility work – from grassroots green construction to plant upgrades and “de-bottlenecking” projects.
To perform these projects, Davco uses the best equipment available. The company has five Grove and Linkbelt truckmount cranes ranging from 14 to 90 ton, Bobcat brand skid steer loaders, GPS equipped crew trucks with three-ton Hiab or Fassi pickers, larger trucks with 18 and 30 ton pickers, a rubber-tired hoe, a CNC plasma cutter and custom-built trailers, including one for supplied air breathing apparatus.
Davco is a leader in using sophisticated Hytorc technology to secure bolted joints – a vital but often overlooked aspect of oilfield construction. Leaking bolted joints can cause environmental damage, loss of product, loss of profit to the company and a damaged public image. To solve this problem, Davco has used the Hytorc hydraulic system since 2001 for fast, accurate, calibrated bolt-ups and has trained its employees by sponsoring ASME bolt-up seminars so that they are well-versed in the field.
Cultivating a Caring, Safe, Fun Environment
As an oilfield contractor, Davco makes sure to “walk the talk” when it comes to the environment. The company works hard to help ensure, in whatever way it can, the sustainability of our planet. Davco employees use green products, such as biodegradable degreasers and cleaners whenever they can, they recycle used oil in an environmentally sealed container with a secondary containment system, and they take it upon themselves not to use any more fossil fuels than necessary when operating trucks and equipment. In addition, workers make sure to recycle everything from batteries, paper and cardboard to scrap metal.
While Davco relies on the oil and gas industry for its livelihood, the company is a strong proponent of geothermal energy. Davco’s facility in Wainwright became the first building of its size in Alberta to use this technology.
Davco believes in saving not just the global environment but the work environment as well. Employment at Davco means being at a place committed to safety and well-being. This includes career enhancement through apprenticeship and other training agencies. Summer family barbecues and annual Christmas parties one for the adults and one for the children – are designed to enhance the corporate culture. It allows for all employees to have fun together, regardless of their place within the company.
Davco’s other major priority, in addition to quality, is employee safety. The company believes that “safety is an attitude, not a poster.” Adhering to this motto, Davco created excellent quality control and safety divisions within the business. The company has held valid safety COR (Certificate of Recognition) since 1993, demonstrating its status as an industry leader in safety. Employees at every level, from management to field workers, are responsible for the implementation of and adherence to overall safety initiatives.
As a company on the move, Davco is constantly looking at ways to improve its business operations so as to provide higher quality products and services to its customers and partners. Recent examples include enhancements to Davco’s project bidding and management processes, implementation of 5S/6S project to increase overall efficiencies and an improved work environment, and updating its evolving organization and job position requirements to ensure that Davco’s high-quality staff is in the best position to use its skills effectively. As David and Connie comment, “Ongoing improvements in how we do our work and connect with our customers is something we are committed to and which we believe is essential to support our future growth.”
Faas, who started the company 30 years ago, looks at both the well-being and number of employees as a key indicator of Davco’s overall performance. “With over 100 employees we are still looking to expand,” Faas says as he anticipates a better economy to come. With a thriving business focused on quality, a strong stance on both the work and global environments, and a full commitment to employee safety and training, Davco Welding Ltd. and its conscientious management may need to start planning for an even larger party.