Damar Security Systems: State-of-the-art Technology with a Personal Touch

Damar Security Systems (DSS) was founded in 1970 and has grown into one of southwestern Ontario’s leading electronic-security specialists, as well as one of the province’s largest independent full-service life-safety solutions providers. Husband-and-wife team Dave and Marie Currie started the company from their Sarnia home, and today the second generation of the Currie family has joined the business to reinforce the values of integrity and responsive service that have become synonymous with the Damar name (a combination drawn from the names of DAve and MARie).

DSS is still headquartered in Sarnia, Ontario, providing service to London, Chatham and Windsor. There is a fully staffed customer-service center in Brantford to serve the area east of London to the Greater Toronto Area. Overall DSS currently supports clients from Ontario to British Columbia.

DSS currently employs over 60 professionals (many of whom have multiple decades experience with the company) who monitor over 40,000 accounts and install, service and monitor intrusion, video, access and fire-protection solutions from top-tier manufacturers like Honeywell, First Alert and Sony. As expansive as the company’s geographical footprint and its technical capabilities have become, the team will never forget that its core DSS is still a family-owned and -operated company.

“We take pride in being large enough to do whatever the customer requires, but small enough to still know the customer,” asserts Dave Currie, president of DSS. Prior to founding DSS Currie acquired experience working for Bell Canada, Rogers Broadcasting and Canadian Motorola Electronics before venturing out to provide security systems to Sarnia’s businesses.

Over 30 years later the DSS team takes pride in finding the best systems available with the most advanced technology for industrial, residential, institutional, retail and commercial-scale applications. The DSS team leverages decades of experience with the most advanced technologies to build custom solutions that protect assets and families. “We work very hard to keep up with advances in technology, because it changes so quickly,” expands Dave.

In fact, Dave’s son Chris Currie earned his degree in computer science technology from the St. Clair College of Applied Arts Technology with a specialty in information systems (IT), and currently serves as vice president and chief technology officer after working his way up through the company. Starting as a field technician and later advancing to become IT administrator and sales manager, Chris acquired the experience necessary to build intelligent and integrated solutions, and he has stepped up to lead the company further in growth through acquisitions and hard work.

Anticipating Demand

In recent years the DSS team has been drawing on its wide-ranging training and relationships to implement new technologies that make security and surveillance more effective, more convenient and more affordable. Manufacturers like Honeywell now offer products that can be integrated with analog and digital surveillance systems, as well as card access systems to enable clients to monitor and manage a building’s security threats from any smart device.

DSS can also develop a layered intrusion detection system as part of a complete physical protection program. Essentially, the layered approach works by establishing a security system around the property’s perimeter, with increased responses triggered as an intruder nears areas of greater sensitivity. Once the system is triggered surveillance cameras can be switched to record at a higher frame rate and increased quality and unlocked doors can be locked remotely to limit an intruder’s access while the local authorities respond.

Customized Solutions

Most recently DSS has seen a sharp increase in layered security and surveillance systems to protect industrial loading and docking spaces. As part of a critical infrastructure security system, DSS will install cameras to monitor activity at a property’s loading bays. Essentially cameras are installed to monitor activity outside the loading bay and also in the space between the truck and the loading doors to catch any intruders squeezing between the truck and the loading bay bumpers. DSS professionals can then monitor the intrusion, alert authorities on how many intruders to expect, and secure the area from the remote control center.

As technologies advance, so too must the education of DSS’ trained employees. Dave Currie happens to be one of the founding members of the Canadian Security Association (CANASA) and has been an active contributor to the industry by helping the association establish industry standards for the training of security industry professionals. Today technology has made the association’s educational efforts more accessible, and courses are offered in flexible formats ranging from in-class seminars to e-learning, where curriculum is covered through a digital slide show presentation accompanied by audio from a qualified instructor.

In the coming years DSS will continue to focus on staying up to date with advances in security systems and maintaining a healthy balance between leading the industry and retaining a personal touch. With the second generation of the Currie family fortifying the company’s already rock-solid reputation for hard work and determination, Damar Security Systems will continue its longstanding relationships and dedication to covering client needs across market sectors.