Casman MEP Group

The Trusted One-stop Shop for full Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
Produced by: 
James Logan

For residential, commercial and industrial service, the Casman MEP Group (Casman MEP) encompasses a wide range of capabilities. The Alberta-based specialized division of the Casman Group of Companies (Casman) supports the region with one-stop shop service, assisting sizable general contractors, construction companies, land developers, big-name industrial clients and institutions.

Beau Brooker, general manager of Casman MEP, is an England-native who has been in the industry for over 20 years. “I joined Casman back in 2012,” he shares. “Previously, I owned my own business in London for many years.”

Beau now heads up the subsidiaries that form Casman MEP, including FMR Mechanical Ltd. (FMR), Borealis Mechanical Ltd. (Borealis) and RCI Electrical Ltd. (RCI). The three divisions work together to serve internal Casman operations, as well as external clients in a broad range of industries.

Casman MEP consists of mechanical, electrical and plumbing subcontractors with extensive regional experience. The group primarily serves the Fort McMurray area in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. However, Beau notes that the company is working on extending its reach. “We’re in the works on a project that’s outside of our normal reach in Calgary,” he clarifies.

Casman MEP as a whole offers refrigeration, HVAC construction and service, sheet metal fabrication, gas fitting construction and service, air balancing, electrical construction and plumbing construction and service. However, each division has its own set of specific capabilities.

Divide and Conquer

Since 1977 FMR has been providing complex plumbing and HVAC systems design and installation for commercial customers in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas. The mechanical and electrical contractor is a union shop signatory to the National Maintenance Council, Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association Local Union and the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry of the United States and Canada. The division’s skilled union tradespeople take great pride in every project, delivering the best in full installations and service with honesty, efficiency, responsibility and an eye for craftsmanship.

In 2004, Casman established Borealis to further expand the company’s scope of service. Borealis is a nonunion shop that carries out Casman MEP’s residential, commercial and industrial plumbing projects. No matter the size of the job, Borealis applies the same level of dedication, reliability and creative solutions.

Finally, RCI, the company’s nonunion electrical contractor, has been providing master electrician service since 2009 when the division was added to the Casman lineup. With a combined experience of over 60-plus years, RCI offers practical solutions in all facets of the construction industry; from development to analysis of design and application, installation, testing and project management.

“The idea of having all three divisions under one roof is to deliver a sort of one-stop shop,” notes Beau. “Through the integration of RCI, FMR and Borealis, we have full MEP capabilities that reduce our overhead and we can pass on that cost savings to our clients.”

Backing the Black Gold Boom

Like the rest of the Casman family, Casman MEP has worked hard to support Alberta’s oil sand, or black gold, boom. “We maintain several long-term industrial maintenance contracts with big-name clients in the oil industry,” shares Beau.

The company is currently delivering full MEP service for Stuart Olson and Byron Energy, the plant’s end-user at the $7 million McKay River project. “This is unique for us, because it’s the first time Casman has really operated outside of Fort McMurray,” details Beau. “We’re working on pre-building services in Calgary set to reach completion by March 2014.”

Casman MEP also just recently finished the $4 million Kirby Lake project in conjunction with Bird Construction. However, Beau reveals the company has a specialty service up its sleeve that will soon be rolling out.

“We’ve added HDPE fusion to our capabilities,” shares Beau. “It’s a kind of special pipe work installation and we’re the only local, certified installer. It’s an additional service we’re actively trying to get the word out for.”

Casman MEP continues to hold a well-respected position in the Alberta region. “We’ve continued to grow, because we’re locally-owned and full-service with a solid reputation,” says Beau proudly. The Casman MEP Group rounds out the Casman Group of Companies with expertly executed service and industry-tested experience

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