Campbell’s Concrete Ltd.

Supplying precast concrete products and accessories to contractors on Prince Edward Island
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
Produced by: 
Sean Barr

Based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Campbell’s Concrete Ltd. has been serving contractors in Canada’s easternmost province for more than 25 years.  Cecil Campbell originally founded the business in 1971. After several transfers of ownership, the Campbell’s Concrete ended up in the hands of Allan Martin in the early 1980s.

Over the years, the company has grown and evolved significantly. In 2015 the business serves a range of commercial and municipal contractors, providing a diverse line of precast concrete products, pipes and fittings for projects throughout PEI.

Cecil’s brother, Gerard Campbell, serves as the company’s general manager. Gerard has worked for Campbell’s Concrete on and off since the business first opened its doors, leaving to work for a contractor in the early 1980s. Working alongside first his brother, and now Allan, Gerard has seen the company build lasting relationships with customers over the years.

Gerard explains that the company stands apart from competitors by serving as a one-stop shop. Campbell’s Concrete offers materials and services that allow loyal customers to save time and money when bidding and supplying a project. “Our customers are primarily general contractors and municipalities,” Gerard notes. “Between our in-house precast production and the materials we source from manufacturers, we strive to provide almost anything a contractor would require for a water, sewer or pump station contract.”

An all-inclusive product line

With 15 full-time employees, jumping to 40 in the busy summer season, Campbell’s Concrete operates from a single location in Charlottetown. The business serves primarily contractors on the island, although Gerard notes that his team has provided materials for projects on the mainland. These are typically smaller projects, often specified by engineers who have worked with the supplier before.

“We try to stick to Prince Edward Island,” explains Gerard. “We deal in a lot of concrete which makes transportation costs high. Working locally, we can service our people better and get away from some of those transportation costs.”

The Campbell’s Concrete facility houses a company-owned precast concrete plant where employees fabricate numerous precast products. Domestic offerings include items such as steps, railings and walk stones. On the municipal end, the business supplies manholes, catch basins, pump stations, lake base footings and additional concrete products for water, sewer and pump station projects.

In addition to products manufactured in-house, the company offers a strong line of products as a wholesaler for municipal supplies. Campbell’s Concrete has established longstanding relationships with manufacturers of water pipe, sewer pipe, hydrants, valves, culvert pipe, flight pumps and other products that can complete the materials requirements of a municipal contractor.

“Most of our competitors don’t have the breadth of products that we do on the municipal supply end,” Gerard clarifies. “Frequently these suppliers specialize in certain product lines, so a contractor would have to go to two or three different companies to get what they need. We have all of these products grouped together to create a one-stop shop.”

A team player

Gerard and his team work alongside contractors, helping them supply their jobs while maintaining organized logistics. “We like to work with all projects, large and small,” says Gerard. “A larger project demands a little bit more attention, but we have a fair sized staff in our office that is able to follow up with contractors, ensuring that product manufacturing and delivery are properly coordinated so these products arrive on site when our customers need them.”

The company has been involved in several recent municipal projects on Prince Edward Island. The crew just wrapped up fabrication of a large pumping station –the largest the business has ever produced. Campbell’s Concrete also sold auxiliary items for the project, including a large pump system. The company is also involved in an ongoing sewer separation project in Charlottetown. The team has been working with contractors and the municipality for three years on this particular infrastructure upgrade.

While materials supply is the main source of business for Campbell’s Concrete, the business also offers a concrete repair service for existing and new structures. While Gerard does not consider the company a subcontractor, the team provides these repair and maintenance services for contractors that are too busy to take on the work themselves.

Gerard and his partners are looking forward to continue building the important relationships that have supported the business’ success over the years. The crew has seen increased activity in the municipal market and the company is prepared to take on a growing number of projects in the years ahead.

As important infrastructure work persists in Prince Edward Island, Campbell’s Concrete Ltd. will continue to serve as a trusted partner for contractors and municipalities in the province.

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