Burlington Paving Company Ltd.: Offering Specialty Surface Contracting

Guido Cupido founded Burlington Paving Company Ltd. (BPC) in 1974 with his sons, Dan and Ray. The family business, located in Burlington, Ontario, offers paving services to customers in the Golden Horseshoe region around the western end of Lake Ontario. BPC thrives in a niche, providing state-of-the-art paved surfaces to customers across the province. Tennis courts are a particular niche of the business, and the team has pulled together the necessary equipment and experience to lead the industry in court construction.

Richard Cupido, president and third-generation owner of BPC, is proud to carry on the family tradition. Richard, along with a team of experienced professionals, runs the day-to-day operations, benefiting from the knowledge, experience and hard work of his grandfather, father and uncle.

Richard credits his team’s ability to create and maintain relationships for BPC’s longevity. “We have longstanding relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees,” he explains. “We have some employees who have been here for over 20 years. This is a family business and we treat everyone here as part of that family.”

Varied Capabilities

BPC has 20 full-time employees, enabling the company to self-perform most of the work on contracts. “We have invested time and money into modern equipment and machinery to provide our clients with high-level surfaces,” details Richard. “We do our own excavation and paving. We rely on a trusted network of subcontractors for some work, but have the capabilities to perform any type of project from start to finish.”

Such extensive capabilities allow the team to provide durable, attractive paved surfaces, as well as tennis courts. “Our paving work consists of new roads in residential subdivisions, parking lots, driveways, pathways, sports courts and any other asphalt work,” says Richard. “We provide everything from potholes to running tracks and tennis courts.”

That being said, BPC completes tennis court projects in stages. “On average, from start to finish, a tennis court takes about six weeks for completion,” says Richard. “We start with the moving of dirt, we cut and fill on the site, we do the drainage installation along with a granular base, and then we follow by grading and paving. After that, the courts sit to cure for about three weeks prior to the colour playing surface being installed. During the curing period the installation of the fence and surrounding landscaping work happens.”

A Lovely Portfolio

The tennis court business is thriving, and Richard reports that his team has fared well over the years. “We’re staying busy,” he notes. “We have constructed tennis courts from Windsor to Ottawa and as far north as Sudbury. We have built tennis courts for many private residential homes, town and municipalities to athletic facilities like the National Tennis Centre in Toronto. We have also done work on a large number of golf course and running track facilities in the Golden Horseshoe area.”

Some of the team’s more impressive projects include reconstruction work at Toronto’s Rexall National Tennis Centre. The facility sits on the York University campus and includes a major court with large seating areas for spectators, as well as 11 outdoor courts.

The BPC team has several exciting upcoming projects on the horizon, including a large court project in Halifax and high potential in the golf sector. “We’ll be working on the new Daniel Nestor tennis facility in Halifax within the next month or so,” notes Richard. “We do 30 to 35 courts every year. We have customers from Windsor to Sudbury, and we’ve been asked to price some projects in the Caribbean for tennis courts at resorts.”

According to Richard, the keys to staying busy are diversity, flexibility and innovation. While tennis courts are not the team’s only specialty, BPC boasts some of the best experience in the industry. The BPC team’s ability to branch out into other sectors offers alternative opportunities for growth, and the company is taking advantage of all options. Burlington Paving Company Ltd. offers expertise and in-house capabilities, often unmatched in regional sport surfaces and paving construction.