Building Works Group of Companies: Protecting Buildings and Standards

One of the last things any property owner wants to hear is that they have mold growing in their building. While it’s impossible to remove all mold spores indoors – they can continue to be found in air and dust – they will not grow if moisture isn’t present. Unfortunately, mold can potentially be a reoccurring problem because property owners make the common mistake of cleaning up the visible mold but neglect to fix the water problem that allows the mold to grow. Erich Krause, president of Building Works Ltd., offers the turnkey solution for building owners.
Building Works Ltd. in Calgary, Alberta, is made up of two different divisions that work hand-in-hand with each other to assesses and avert such situations. Mold Squad excels at investigation and remediation of mold and asbestos abatement, while Building Works specializes in building envelopes and concrete restoration.
Erich, a Vancouver native who relocated to Calgary to purchase the Mold Squad, continues a long family history in the construction industry. His father, Dietrich Krause, moved his family from Europe to Vancouver in the early ’50s. There he started a successful construction company. Erich initially worked with his father, but soon became an independent project manager providing development and construction management services to large-scale builders. He has over 35 years of experience with single-family homes, multi-family buildings, townhouse projects and commercial/institutional buildings. After almost 60 years in the construction industry the Krause family acquired the already successful firm Mold Squad in 2010. They set about integrating its services with the family’s capabilities in residential, commercial and industrial building.
“My family has been actively involved in the construction industry for many years, but we wanted to diversify our holdings,” explains Erich. “We did our due diligence and we determined that Mold Squad had a great reputation and was poised for growth. We created Building Works Ltd. and made Mold Squad a division to clearly delineate what each does best.”
Doing It Right the First Time
Incorporating the best practices and techniques, using the most appropriate materials and employing highly skilled workers in all divisions, Building Works and Mold Squad do environmentally responsible work of which all involved can be proud. However, the ability to ensure a job is well done can sometimes cost more than cut-rate contractors would have building owners believe. That a company is well worth the extra money can only be proven once on the job site. One of the biggest challenges that Erich has faced has been the reluctance of Alberta property owners to realize that building envelope restoration techniques have advanced over the years, and that choosing the cheapest option is not always the best course of action.
“Vancouver has had much experience with envelope issues,” explains Erich. “I have watched Vancouver advance over the years, and have seen the trial and error that has led to develop better techniques. Cheap fixes don’t work, and there are buildings that have had to be restored again because the work wasn’t done to the highest level of repair the first time. Strata [condo] boards are made up of unpaid volunteers who are trying to get repair work done as cheaply as possible. However, spending a little more to get the work done right the first time will save them costly repairs down the road.”
Erich says that the biggest thing setting his companies apart from competitors is their knowledge of the building life cycle and a comprehensive set of high-quality work services. “We provide complete solutions to a building’s problem,” says Erich. “We will do a free evaluation and accurately price it out for the customer. If an engineer is required for the repair, we can arrange for that. If a customer requires financing in order to pay for the project, we can arrange for that as well. We are a true turnkey operation.”
Satisfied Customer Feedback
Erich believes it is imperative for his companies to do the right thing right away, so feedback from clients is very important to his efforts to identify what is being done properly and what needs improvement. Clint Stewart, a satisfied Mold Squad customer, wrote to the company to let them know about his experience with the company, which reads as follows:
“I was introduced to Mold Squad by a respected air testing professional who indicated they were the only company in Calgary capable of remediating the mold that had infiltrated our home. Mold Squad started work on our project only days after receiving our approval to proceed, and we never looked back! Our decision to use Mold Squad was the most important one we made in returning the air quality in our home to healthy levels – we were happy with the results. While remediating the mold impact to our home, they kept us informed at all times, explained their process and associated costs and answered all of our questions. Based on our experience, there is no question that Mold Squad delivers. I would hire them again in a minute and would recommend Mold Squad to anyone in a similar situation.”
Reinforcing the companies’ reputations is safety, which is essential for any company that wants to be successful and is taken very seriously at Building Works and Mold Squad. Building Works has developed a strict health and safety program and has applied to be awarded the Certificate of Recognition for meeting the high standards set by Occupational Health and Safety Alberta. Building Works is a certified applicator for Siplast Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems, DeNeef Concrete Products and Dryyit Cladding Systems. Also, Mold Squad is a certified Institution of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) professionally accredited contractor focused on providing mold remediation services for indoor environments.
Finding mold growing in a building can be a stressful situation, but Erich Krause and Building Works and Mold Squad make that experience as painless as possible. Working together seamlessly, Building Works Ltd. and Mold Squad offer the quick response and end-to-end services that allow property owners to rest easily, knowing that they have professionals on their side.