Boychuk Builders (2001) Ltd: A Partner in Construction

Calgary-based Boychuk Builders is a successful design-build construction company. It specializes in land development and custom, high-quality steel building construction. The company’s business model is based on establishing relationships with clients; working with them to determine the best building for their needs, and suiting it to the land they are building on. Boychuk Builders —under the leadership of Ron Boychuk, president and CEO, and Ron Eckert, General Manager — provides construction management that ensures hassle-free projects that are on time, on budget and consistent with customer specifications. According to Ron Boychuk, “We’re a start-to-finish business, right from the design of a building to turning the keys over to the client.” Boychuk emphasizes the role of relationships, explaining, “Relationships are a key to our success. If we don’t know what a client wants from a building, we’ll sit with them to find out. We find out what their needs are and work with them to specify a project that meets those needs.”
Establishing a Foundation for Project Success
Boychuk and his lead team – including construction manager Danny Boychuk, architectural designer Jason Pedersen, site supervisor Kirk Spooner and controller Teri Maxwell – work with clients, commonly repeat customers, to determine what is required in a building. Often clients are not construction experts, but that is not a problem as Boychuk and his team bridge this gap. “Our team knows the codes; what we can and can’t do. We use this knowledge when working with clients and developing proposals for them,” Boychuk explains. “We become the client’s partner to build what they want and need.” Once requirements are understood, a proposal is developed that includes drawings, project specifications (for land development and the building itself), estimated costs, estimates timelines, assumptions and variables, what to expect of the Boychuk Builders team. This approach allows Boychuk Builders to ensure its clients ultimately move into the building best suited for the needs, but also best suited for the land they are building on. The firm works to ensure building value matches land value. This business model has been critical to the success of Boychuk Builders. By providing comprehensive construction management, around the clock site supervision and creative design on behalf of clients, the firm ensures not only a thorough insight into the project at every stage, but excellence in project execution. Other factors that contribute to Boychuk Builders’ success are low overhead and effective supply chain management. Boychuk’s team appreciates working with a robust network of subcontractors, whose involvement and expertise has proven critical to Boychuk Builders doing well in the market. Additionally, the team has streamlined the process of liaising with municipal governments on permits; engineers on quality control; architects on specific design features, and financial institutions on planning and scheduling construction draws. Boychuk notes, “Choosing between subcontractors we know and local contractors who are new to us is a balancing act. Supporting local talent is important not only to us, but also to our clients and the economy in their area. However, with familiar trades we realize preferential prices and scheduling. It’s a matter of balancing cost, quality and efficiency.” Boychuk reports that his company’s efficiency, low overhead and repeat customers have helped insulate his business during the recession. Despite the downturn, Boychuk Builders has consistently worked at capacity, with a quality mix of project sizes running at all times.
Boychuk Builders’ Portfolio of Projects
Customers who work with Boychuk Builders generally fall under the category of light industrial. Projects range from transportation terminals and aircraft hangers to distribution centres and fabrication facilities. However, Boychuk Builders has also completed commercial office buildings, shopping malls and museums. And in addition to providing new building construction Boychuk Builders revitalizes existing buildings by renovating and retrofitting them to achieve new function and purpose. Boychuk notes, “We have always specialized in pre-engineered metal buildings. They are economic buildings, suited to many purposes.” Regardless of a project’s scope, Boychuk Builders’ project management is comprehensive and keeps lines of communication with clients open. Due to the integrity, personal commitment and design-build expertise of those at Boychuk Builders, the company was just recognized with the 2010 Builder of the Year award from Robertson Building Systems, plus many other accolades, and the company’s success throughout western Canada should continue for years to come.