BC Hardwood Floor Co. Ltd.: Over a Century of Quality Hardwood Flooring

BC Hardwood Floor Co. Ltd. (BC Hardwood) is a British Columbia-based high-quality flooring company celebrating 110 years in business in 2014. “We’ve been a family-run business since the 1950s, when the company was purchased by the Crompton family,” says Hans Schaefer, director of sales and marketing at BC Hardwood. And a family-run business it remains, as Ray Crompton, former owner of BC Hardwood, has passed the business along to Ken, his son and current president.

Ken proudly continues the family tradition of quality service today. According to those at BC Hardwood, the keys to the business’ success are its employees, and Ken and the management team are always on the lookout for quality sales professionals and installers alike. BC Hardwood emphasizes product familiarity, professionalism and experience on every project, which is evident in the company’s continued success. “Our people are always improving, growing and changing with the needs of the industry,” explains Hans proudly.

Superior Service

BC Hardwood’s Vancouver office and showroom allows the team to serve the retail, commercial, wholesale and installation market sectors. “We have suppliers located across Canada, the United States and in Europe to offer the most expansive selection of quality products to our clientele,” expands Hans.

While BC Hardwood offers top-notch products and services to meet the needs of varied market segments, the team specializes in the design and installation of high-end, quality floors.

According to Hans, the team will go all-out for each client, including specialized installation. “For example, we have a team of specialists who are dedicated to stair services,” he explains. “Their function is to design, create and manufacture customized stairs; this is a service very few companies can offer.”

The company has also just finished up a major project in downtown Vancouver. “It’s a fairly high-end project,” explains Hans. “It’s a residential building with two towers, each over 20 floors, and each unit in the building has hardwood installed.” While many of BC Hardwood’s residential projects can take a few weeks to complete, Hans says this one was clearly on a much longer time frame. “The project took up a great deal of manpower and shows the flexibility of our installation group.”

The company typically keeps 50 to 60 people on staff at any one time, and, Hans says, “No one in the area has the manpower or the expertise that we have.” The team performs full installation services, as well as on-site floor finishing. “We can definitely provide that exclusive look with customized tones, texture, colors and sheen,” continues Han. The company’s inventory includes a broad selection of the most luxurious products from abroad available in different hardwood types, width, thickness and grains.

Finer Floors

The team’s work gets noticed, and customers actively seek out BC Hardwood for some of the highest quality products available in Vancouver. “Along with our North American partners we have exclusive products that are brought in from Europe,” explains Hans. “One of our key suppliers is Stile, an Italian manufacturer.”

Stile is a manufacturer with a long history of quality and, with a new fully automated facility, one that continues to manufacture flooring to the highest standards. According to Hans, many customers choose engineered Stile floors due to the quality, variety, style and durability.

Hakwood, another high-quality European supplier based in Holland, offers something in a somewhat different dimension. “Hakwood specializes in longer, wider plank boards,” Hans explains. Hakwood boards are available in a variety of finishes and are perfect for customers looking more for a slightly more rustic yet refined interior space.

For durability, the top wear layer of these engineered planks is up to a quarter-inch thick to allow for future refinishing of the floor. The company touts Stile and Hakwood products as the ultimate choice for engineered hardwood on the market, and BC Hardwood is the exclusive supplier of these floors in the greater Vancouver area.

BC Hardwood also boasts a specialty division dedicated to sports flooring, which has also garnered attention. Organizations and institutions across the province have contracted BC Hardwood for the sale and installation of quality, durable floors for gymnasiums and auditorium stages as well as refinishing of existing gymnasium floors. The company’s experienced installers and finishers take care with every project to create a surface that is both attractive and safe for users.

Sub-floors are present in all of the company’s athletic surfaces to absorb impact and maximize resiliency. Additionally, schools and athletic organizations can opt for custom paint designs displaying school names, mascots and more. Many of the floors that the team at BC Hardwood has refinished were once refinished by Crompton himself, which again speaks to the longstanding history of the company.

And the team at BC Hardwood is proud of the company’s accomplishments over the years, as clients are invited to browse BC Hardwood’s showroom on Main Street, where hundreds of floor samples are displayed. “Our sales are all done on a consultative business,” says Hans. If a customer’s vision of a perfect floor is not showcased at the Vancouver location, the company’s sales representative will generate custom orders to clients through a vast network of trusted suppliers and on-site finishes.

BC Hardwood guarantees quality installation and custom finishes to last for generations, just as the company has. BC Hardwood’s installation professionals are all INSTALL-certified and have been through rigorous training to build a skill set and gain experience worth being proud of. “We treat our customers’ hardwood floors as if they were our own,” says Hans with a smile, and that care is unmistakable. The team at B.C. Hardwood Floor Co. Ltd. is dedicated to contributing to beautiful interior spaces with durable, quality floors finished on time and exceeding customer expectations.