Aveiro Constructors Limited: Ontario’s Metal Building Masters

Aveiro Constructors Limited (Aveiro) has been recognized as one of Canada’s premier steel building specialists and general contractors due to a proven track record of successfully completed projects around the world. The company is structured as a general contracting operation, while the team’s specialty in steel buildings makes it a fierce competitor across institutional, commercial and industrial markets. Above all, the Aveiro team stresses the importance of efficiency, safety, loyalty and honesty in all aspects of its operations to find success by building off of a collective expertise.

“We can provide full design-build services to individual clients and pre-engineered building solutions to other general contractors as well,” says Lisa Aveiro, vice president of Aveiro.

Mario and Maria Aveiro founded the company in 1976 as a small general contracting operation based just outside of London, Ontario. The company gradually accumulated work experience and a loyal following of customers through hard work, perseverance and a contagious passion for quality that has fueled Aveiro’s transformation into one of the country’s most trusted construction companies.

Most of Aveiro’s work is concentrated within southwestern Ontario. However, Aveiro has also been pulled outside the country’s borders on numerous occasions for general contracts, some of which also required the expertise in pre-engineered steel building construction that Aveiro has to offer.

Aveiro is also proud to be a family-owned and -operated enterprise, staffed by 10 experienced professionals who take pride in being result-oriented and always treating the client like part of the family. Every project begins with a close consultation so that the Aveiro team can align itself completely with the client’s vision.

Aveiro takes a holistic approach to every project, ensuring every dollar is wisely used to maximize available space and functionality. The company’s full range of services includes traditional general contracting and design-build specialties along with fire and water damage remediation, metal roof inspections and replacements, as well as design, engineering and specification writing.

Steel Specialists

The company happens to be one of southwestern Ontario’s leading dealers of Steelway Building Systems, which it has represented for over 30 years. With that kind of loyalty and longevity, it’s no surprise that Aveiro prioritizes the use of pre-engineered and prefabricated steel building solutions wherever suitable, as Steelway’s products offer viable building solutions that cost less and stand the test of time. Steelway products are designed specifically to eliminate the need for on-site welding, so construction crews can assemble structures expediently using primarily high-strength bolts and fasteners.

Not every client speaks construction and the Aveiro staff prides itself on the ability to effectively communicate with clients, subcontractors, vendors and regulatory agencies. If a problem arises or a more cost-effective approach can be found, Aveiro’s proactive team will alert the client and implement any changes quickly to save time and avoid setbacks.

Aveiro relies upon a trusted network of reliable subcontractors to handle all of the major trades on a project, but the company’s reputation and diverse portfolio of experience ensure that every project is complete to the Aveiro-quality standards. Aveiro has built a number of aircraft hangars, sporting arenas, ice rinks, industrial warehouses, automotive service garages, churches and EMS stations that prove pre-engineered building solutions have come a long way from big, bland boxes.

In fact, Aveiro has translated its experience in metal buildings into a specialty in sustainable buildings. The company has completed several sustainability-oriented projects over the years, including the province’s first LEED Gold-certified building: the Emergency Medical Services Central Fleet Facility in Cambridge, Ontario.

The project represents the collaboration between McCallum Sather Architects Inc. and Enermodal Engineering, designed to use 68-percent less energy and 60-percent less water than comparable buildings. The center was outfitted with a radiant heat system along with on-site stormwater retention to collect water for use in the building’s low-flow plumbing fixtures and the self-sustaining low-maintenance landscaping.

Traditional air conditioning was nixed in favor of a desiccant dehumidification system and a displacement ventilation system with energy recovery ventilators on all air-handling units. Low off-gassing materials are used throughout, indoor lighting is maximized with efficient fixtures and maximum day lighting, and photovoltaic panels supply the building with 10 percent of its energy demand.

A Balancing Act

Other recent successes include the construction of a research facility for Monsanto in London, Ontario, and the construction of a comfort station for the Long Point Provincial Park in Long Point, Ontario. Long Point has been designated as one of UNESCO’s 580 Biosphere Reserves for its bird watching. The park has recorded over 321 species, of which 131 have nesting records, so Aveiro will take care to build a facility that serves the basic needs of visitors while respecting the surrounding habitat.

The next few years will hopefully bring further growth for the family-owned company and solidify its reputation domestically and internationally. “Competition is fierce these days, but I believe that Victor and I will be able to continue to grow the company by focusing on our repeat clients and building on new relationships,” says Lisa.

Aveiro has already established itself as one of the country’s premier metal building specialists. As clients continue to demand cost-effective, efficient building solutions that don’t skimp on sustainability, the Aveiro team will be on hand to materialize each client’s vision. Aveiro combines an all-inclusive approach with its best-in-class general contracting, metal building and design-build capabilities, positioning Aveiro Constructors Limited for growth in many markets.