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Quality roofing installation, repair and service in the Maritimes
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Jeanee Dudley
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Victor Martins

Over the course of more than four decades, Atlantic Roofers has been serving general contractors and property owners with a range of value-oriented roofing services. Arthur Allain established the company in 1972 after working for another roofer in Toronto. In 2013, he sold the business to colleagues, marking a change in management. While the leadership team is different, many things have stayed the same. Atlantic Roofers still focuses on quality, innovative roofing solutions for customers throughout the Canadian Maritimes.

Yves Bradet currently serves as the company’s CEO and general manager. He oversees the operation of six roofing locations, including the headquarters in Cocagne, New Brunswick, as well as branches in Fredericton and Saint John, New Brunswick, Elmsdale, Nova Scotia, Winslow, Prince Edward Island, and Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. Five of the six operate under the Atlantic Roofers name, with the location in Newfoundland operating as North Shore Roofing, to distinguish the business from another regional company with a similar name.

“One thing that sets us apart is that we have six locations – more than anyone else in Atlantic Canada,” explains Bradet. “In our peak season, we employ as many as 130 people, with little more than half that staff in the offseason. We have a wealth of experienced people here who have worked with all kinds of roofing systems in a variety of conditions. We also have strong knowledge of the local market.”

Atlantic Roofers

Diverse services

Atlantic Roofers provides appropriate service at any phase of a roof’s life span. The team performs new construction installation, full replacements, repair work and maintenance for a variety of customers. The companies target market includes industrial, commercial and institutional applications. Atlantic Roofers works for general contractors, private companies, government municipalities, hospitals, and energy customers throughout Atlantic Canada.

“Our work does not vary significantly day-to-day,” Bradet notes. “There are always new challenges, but the projects themselves have become run-of-the-mill for us.” With an experienced team, these projects run efficiently. Despite the similarities between projects, Atlantic Roofers can work in just about any medium from PVC membranes to metal cladding.

“A recent large project was a new system we installed last year on a civic center in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia,” says Bradet. “We installed a PVC roof membrane that is mechanically fastened and the membrane is adhered to the top plate with induction equipment. Basically you heat the metal plate with induction equipment and it softens the membrane so it sticks. This method has become popular because of the ease and quickness of installation and the durability of the finished product.”

The team also recently completed a full metal recover in New Brunswick, using a polyurethane adhesive to adhere the cladding to the membrane. Atlantic Roofers recently launched its new Atlantic Metal Clad division for metal siding and metal roofing. Established in 2014, the division will help Atlantic Roofers bring new services to industrial, commercial and institutional clients. Bradet says the first year of operation has been a success.

Maintaining a steady market share

Though Atlantic Roofers continues to grow, Bradet says the company faces challenges like any other business. “We were affected by the economic downturn and then we had a really tough winter last year,” he says. “Business was slow due to the weather at the start of 2014. Harsh winter weather is always a concern and my biggest worry is keeping everyone working.”

Fortunately, the company’s reputation, flexibility and broad capabilities saw Atlantic Roofers through the recession. Outside of the boom years, Bradet notes that roofing is fairly recession-proof. “A roof problem is something you have to take care of,” he explains. “Although when the economy is down, the market still changes. Instead of doing a full replacement, customers want repair work and they replace later.” By owning this flexibility and catering to the needs of customers when money was tight, Atlantic Roofers has drawn repeat business that has allowed the company to continue to grow throughout the recovery.”

The company also maintains good relationships with suppliers and subcontractors. “Those relationships are very important to our success,” says Bradet. “We don’t need subs on every project, but when we do, we work with plumbers, electricians, masons and mechanical contractors. People tend to think of roofing as very simple, but in our market, other components come into play quite often.”

With lasting relationships with both partners and customers, Atlantic roofers is maintaining a trajectory of steady growth and will continue to provide quality, service-driven roofing services throughout the Canadian Maritimes.

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