Accu-Fab Custom Metal Works Ltd.

A decade of quality HVAC services and fabrication work
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
Produced by: 
James Logan

Geoff Scheck founded Accu-Fab Custom Metal Works Ltd. (Accu-Fab) in January 2005. Scheck has been involved in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry for 19 years and formerly worked for a business that is now his competitor. Based in Grande Prairie, Alberta, his company provides commercial and residential HVAC services, as well as metal fabrication for the same applications and others. Accu-Fab started small and has now grown to employ more than 50 people between the shop, the office and the field.

The business operates from a single location in Grande Prairie, Alberta, with roughly 15,000 square feet of manufacturing space in the facility. The shop crew utilizes a diverse selection of metals to suit the needs of customers and their projects. Over the years, the company has created ductwork for the HVAC end of the business, as well as truck boxes, fenders, cabinets, fences, stainless steel countertops and many more unique, custom products.

Resources and capabilities

The company’s shop is equipped with leading edge machinery to get the job done. Scheck says no job is too big or too small and he can back up the claim with a strong team and quality equipment.

“We have a power-brake for forming, a custom roller and a plasma table,” he explains. “We have certified auto CAD technicians who excel in providing precision work for each and every project.” In-house, the company has MIG and TIG welding capabilities. Welders will also travel for on-site work when required by customers.

On the HVAC end of the business, Accu-Fab offers leading design-build services for commercial and residential customers. For homeowners, the business offers turnkey service from the planning stages of a project all the way through installation and service down the line. Customers of Accu-Fab can rely on quality furnaces, exchangers, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The company utilizes modern equipment, cutting operation costs back for end users through proper installation and sustainable units.

The company’s commercial services offer the same guarantee of high quality as residential and custom fabrication. Accu-Fab works with contractors for new construction projects and building owners for retrofits and system upgrades. The team’s experience and expertise offers leading design services, developing systems that fit within space constraints while operating at maximum efficiency. As with the residential end of the business, Accu-Fab offers service 24/7 in case of an emergency, standing by to keep these powerful commercial systems up and running.

Scheck and his team have been involved with a broad range of challenging projects in recent years. The business has gone to work for hundreds of homeowners over the years and continues to turn around efficient, effective commercial systems. Recent commercial clients include the Phillip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum, an architecturally stunning building set in Grande Prairie, Alberta, which will open in 2014.

One of Scheck’s favorite projects has been the Grande Prairie County Sports Complex project. “That was a really big project for us,” he notes. “The size and scale of the ductwork we did was neat.”

Looking ahead

The HVAC industry has picked up significantly in recent years. Scheck says his greatest challenge now is finding qualified labor. “As we grow, we need more experienced staff members,” he explained. “Ticketed journeymen, for example, are hard to find these days.”

Nonetheless, the business is on an upward trend of growth and Accu-Fab continues to seek team members that can help the company keep up with demand.

At its current size, Accu-Fab relies on strategic partnerships to keep up with all the work rolling in. Scheck and his team entrust a handful of suppliers, including Ecco and Emco for smaller pipes. “We can take on large projects,” he clarifies. “For larger control tasks, we often hire out electricians. We also work with a few plumbing subcontractors when we need them.”

While the business is heavy on labor, Accu-Fab’s largest expense is equipment, such as the large units for air conditioning and heat on commercial and residential projects. The business works with major manufacturers to ensure brand-name quality. These suppliers also offer backup support for products, allowing the team to seamlessly work on a broad range of equipment.

Backed by a strong network of strategic partners and a strong team of professionals, Accu-Fab is positioned for continued organic growth within Alberta. Scheck is looking forward to infiltrating new sectors, as well.

“There are some new schools being built in the area and we have shown interest in being involved in construction,” he notes. “We have a lot of opportunities right now.” The crew will continue to take on new opportunities as Accu-Fab Custom Metal Works Ltd. builds on a reputation for quality, safety and efficiency in HVAC services and custom metal fabrication.

Strategic Partnership(s): 
Johnson, Inc. (JB Insurance Services)
Tek Plumbing & Heating