Select Sires GenerVations Inc.

Providing a lineup of quality bulls and quality product to a vast Canadian market
Written by: 
Aimee St. James
Produced by: 
Sean Barr

Select Sires GenerVations Inc. (SSG) is one of the fastest growing cattle semen companies in the Canadian industry. Based out of Ontario, the amalgamation of two major AI companies formed an impressive competitor in the North American market. Through the blend of the two, a new company emerged that is focusing on expanding across Canada to provide quality semen from top-of-the-line bulls.

The right blend

The seeds for SSG’s future were planted in the United States. SSG’s parent company, Select Sires Inc., is based out of Plain City, Ohio, and it is the largest artificial insemination organization in North America.

Made up of nine farmer-owned cooperatives, Select Sires leads the industry in supplying dairy and beef producers with North America’s best genetics at a reasonable price. Known for providing fertile semen and continuing research to provide the best possible product, the company is known for excellence.

In 2000, Select Sires expanded into Canada as Select Sires Canada. As a wholly-owned distributor, it was one of the largest providers of cattle semen in North America. Selling and producing product from a select lineup of bulls, Select Sires Canada marketed its merchandise to progressive cattle breeders from Manitoba east. Its expansion into Canada marked a new page in Select Sires’ growth as a competitor in the rapidly developing industry, and was the first major step towards selling cattle semen across Canada.

In June 2014, Select Sires purchased GenerVations, a dairy genetics company, and in August of the same year, it took over a cooperative’s western Canadian division. Together, the three companies formed a new company, now known as SSG.

The new company allowed for more flexibility and range as both a producer of product and a marketing entity. With the union, SSG range of market expanded from Manitoba east to the entirety of Canada.  

Bill Young, general manager of SSG, has been with the company since its inception. In the industry his whole life, Bill joined Select Sires Canada as a marketing manager and quickly climbed the ranks to his current position.

Bill’s focus on stabilizing SSG new growth has not relaxed as the company has shown to be fastest growing in the Canadian market. “The dairy economy is very good in Canada,” he explains. As SSG has taken the market by storm, its success is due to the exceptional quality of both the product and the people selling it.

Employing approximately 100 people, SSG operates from a headquarters in Kemptville, Ontario. With remote managers scattered across Canada at numerous sites, Bill oversees the company as it continues to grow.

Good bulls, good product

With a new market to cover, SSG finds its success by maintaining a good balance between product and personnel. “We have good products, an elite group of bulls that we sell, and we hire good people,” Young explains. “Good people, good products, these are the keys to our success.” With a new genetics section in its fold, the company is able to provide newer and better products to its clients.

Selling both 7H sires and 250H sires, the variety of semen SSG has increased with the company merger. “We offer a broader lineup of bulls, and more products to our customers,” says Young. “We’ve got bulls all under one umbrella now.”

Providing its clients with a top selection is key to dominating the North American market, and the company currently leads the industry with four of the top five bulls for type and 17 of the top 50 for LPI in December 2014 in Canada.

Following Canada’s sire evaluation system, SSG samples the industry’s best sires, seeking out bulls that meet the guidelines for health and LPI. With the top-of-the-line bulls in its programs, the company will continue providing Canada with new and elite semen.

Keys to success

With a massive merger finally starting to settle, SSG has begun to focus solely on production and distribution across Canada. Stretching its reach to all ends of the country, the company has proven to be a successful amalgamation. While Young considers the continued success of SSG to be a result of earning the trust of the industry and the farmers, the consistent quality from elite cow families with high genomics breeds and family lines of sires only helps seal the company’s reputation as trustworthy and dependable.

According to Young, the company’s key to success is its passionate employees who are always striving for the best. “Our brand promise is: Your success our passion,” Young adds with a smile.

As the company grows in the Canadian market, Select Sires GenerVations Inc. will continue to provide quality semen to dairy and beef farmers across Canada.

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