G-Mac's AgTeam Inc.

The Plant Doctors
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
Produced by: 
Christian Davis

The saying, “Our business is growing,” belongs to G-Mac’s AgTeam Inc. (G-Mac’s), and the company holds true to its motto. Since its founding in 2000, G-Mac’s has grown from three small locations to nine well-respected establishments throughout west central Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan-based agriculture retail company focuses on crop production and plant health, identifying problems and providing solutions for its customers.

“We focus on full agronomy service, but we don’t just sell products, we sell solutions,” emphasizes Gayle MacDonald, president of G-Mac’s. “We help identify a problem and develop a targeted solution; we’re kind of like plant doctors.”

Gayle reveals G-Mac’s success and advantage lies in the company’s focused approach. “While other large companies offer similar products, they also deliver grain handling, groceries, fuel and pharmaceuticals,” she explains. “Our retail network is solely oriented toward crop production. We are focused on plant health and maximizing production and profitability for our producer customers, always focused on sustainable agriculture.”

Today, G-Mac’s serves an area of approximately 100,000 square kilometers, 400 kilometers north to south and 250 kilometers east to west in territory with nine locations and one head office in Kindersley, Saskatchewan. “We cover a lot of ground,” says Gayle. “The closest any two locations are is about 30 miles. We also employ about 75 permanent staff members and an additional 25 during busy season.”

For 13 years G-Mac’s has supported primary producers and farmers through specialized service. “We can meet all of your crop production requirements,” Gayle says. “Crops that we produce in our area are canola, lentils, wheat, durum wheat, malt and feed barley, yellow peas, canary seed, flax, feed corn and most recently soybeans. We offer agronomic services, custom applications services and crop protection products, including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, seed treatments, inoculants and crop nutrition products, including specific blends specific to the requirements for each crop.”

Working Relationships and Risky Business

Gayle admits due to the nature of the agriculture world, one of the most important aspects of G-Mac’s daily operations is working closely with producers to understand individual goals. “We use discussions with customers to help us determine what type of product and how much we’re going to need,” she says. “Developing an understanding of what they’re planning to grow, what their yield targets are and how risk adverse they’re willing to be is crucial.”

Of course, success comes hand in hand with obstacles. “We face challenges daily,” she continues. “From dealing with fertilizer logistics to accessing product; and there is always a level of unpredictability, because you never know what Mother Nature is going to do.”

Depending on the weather, whether it’s a dry season or a wet year, farmers need different products to suit the situation. “We have to be proactive working with our suppliers, because we never really know for certain what will be in demand,” she says. “We have somewhat of an idea from history and experience, but there’s never an exact number.” At the end of the day, G-Mac’s goal is to focus on maintaining the primary producer’s profitability through proper, sustainable farming practices that increase production.

Farm to Fork Awareness

Aside from sustainable farming applications, Gayle is also an advocate for linking agriculture to food and raising awareness about where meals actually come from. “I think when most people go into a grocery store and buy a loaf of bread, their first thought isn’t where the wheat came from,” she says. “Up until recently people rarely linked the production of food to the food itself.”

Gayle believes the media has linked food to agriculture more so in recent years. “Now we can see farms actually harvesting potatoes, or the orange producer at the tree picking fruit to be pressed,” she explains. “The media is doing a better job, but up until now, especially in urban areas, it hasn’t been a major concern. Like I always say, everything we do; what we eat, wear or even drive either starts with art or agriculture.”

Although Gayle admits G-Mac’s doesn’t have plans for new locations in the near future, the team is always ready to expand if the right opportunity comes along. She hopes the business can grow within its current customer base.

“We help people produce more and we want to drive that crop production,” she adds. “We want to be a driver in farm profitability. If the farmer isn’t making money; nobody is. Once the primary producer is profitable then everything else can fall into place. We realize that crop inputs are the biggest investment in crop production. We want to help the investment pay off for each producer, by recommending the right product at the right time at the right rate.”

For 13 years G-Mac’s has proudly served west central Saskatchewan’s farms, providing trusted, sustainable supplies and support. As the plant doctor, the company is growing success for both itself and the area’s producers. G-Mac’s AgTeam Inc. continues to put the producer first, making a challenging living a little easier through more than just products, but real solutions.

For more information about G-Mac’s AgTeam Inc., please visit: www.gmacsagteam.ca.

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